Is yoga a good form of exercise?

Some people see yoga as very gentle and having little effect but yoga can be a great form of exercise although it is not aerobic as such, can really help you tone and improve your posture. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental… Read More »

Finding the motivation to persevere with exercise

It can sometimes be hard to keep up the motivation for exercise, especially if you are not seeing results on the scales. Muscle weighs more than fat and so your weight may take time to decrease, and although a measuring tape is great for comparing week-on-week results, it is not always as satisfying as it… Read More »

Using a Device to Monitor your Activity

It’s important to monitor your activity and be aware of how much exercise you are fitting into your daily routine. You may even find that you are doing more exercise than you think – something like walking up a flight of stairs can make an overall difference to your activity levels. Keeping track gives you… Read More »

How to Have Healthier Hair

Healthy hair can make you look and feel totally different. It can help you to look better in general and to improve your state of mind if you are feeling a bit down about your appearance. Here are some tips for healthier, stronger hair: Have a regular haircut. Nothing brings down the appearance of hair… Read More »

What Can a Dentist Learn About your General Health?

Dentists can be good for keeping up with your general health, as well as assessing how healthy your teeth and mouth are. They can tell a surprising amount from just examining your mouth and you could end up being more in the know about how healthy you are as a person. These are some of… Read More »

Football scouting courses

Football scouting courses can be a very good introduction to 1st team scouting, player recruitment, performance analysis, and producing reports for club managers. More advanced courses also cover more detailed scouting topics and are useful for people already working as football scouts.