Understanding Male Fertility Specialists

By | August 22, 2014

Even though many people think that infertility is a woman’s problem, the man can be the sole cause or even a contributing cause of the incapability to conceive. A third of the infertility cases may be attributed to male problems such as low sperm count. Therefore, it’s crucial that both men and women get tested for fertility. Discovering male fertility problems much early can actually mean earlier treatment hence a successful pregnancy. In fact, male infertility testing can as well spare women the unnecessary discomfort and expenses.

The initial male infertility assessment

A visit to the urologist should actually start the assessment for male infertility. An urologist can begin with a basic kind of an interview and also an exam that include:

1. Lifestyle questions that includes your smoking, exercise, and drug use.

2. A full medical as well as reproductive history, alongside any surgeries that you have ever had and medications that you could be taking.

3. A physical exam.

4. An open discussion concerning your sexual life that includes any kind of problem with sex or even previous sexually transmitted diseases.

Male fertility and infertility tests

Identifying the various causes of men’s infertility cases is just an art of science. Male fertility specialists normally differ in their approach. The following are some of the tests that a man could expect:

Sperm as well as semen analysis

Male fertility specialists usually assess the man’s sperm count, their movement, shape, and other variables. In general, a high number of normal-shaped sperms simply mean higher fertility. However, many males with abnormal semen or low sperm counts are still fertile. In fact, about 15% of the infertile males have got normal semen and also plenty of normal sperm.

In case the initial semen analysis is normal, then the doctor can order a second test in order to confirm the results. If the two tests are normal, then they are interpreted to mean that the male does not have any noteworthy infertility problems. In case no semen or even sperm at all are present, it can be another case. It can suggest a blockage which can simply be corrected with a surgery.

Physical exam

A very good physical exam may detect varicoceles. Varicoceles are the abnormal formations of the veins above the testicles which can be fixed with a surgery. They are the most general cause of correctable man infertility. The physical exam must ideally be carried out by male fertility specialists.

Anti-sperm antibodies

A number of men normally make abnormal antibodies that are against their own sperm. These antibodies then attack the sperm on their way to the egg which prevent fertilisation. While in other men, producing sperm is not the problem. The problem arises when the sperms can’t get where they are needed to go. Men who have got these conditions normally have normal sperm in their testicles.

Reasons for low amount sperm in semen include:

Retrograde ejaculation – sperm ejaculate backwards, mostly into the bladder. It can be caused by the previous surgery.

Obstruction – this can be anywhere between the penis and testicles.

Male fertility specialists can help you solve infertility issues and hence have a joyful life.