Can a DVD Workout Work for you?

By | December 16, 2013

There are plenty of fitness DVDs out there today, but do they actually work? Some are probably more successful than others, but with a fitness DVD you do have to put the work in to get good results.


If you’re correctly following the presenter’s technique, then you’re likely to achieve good results. Insanity is a popular DVD workout, yet it is an intense 60 day workout. To successfully complete insanity, you have to have willpower, determination, a relentless attitude, and you literally have to push your body to the max.

Before starting any intense DVD workout, it is important to test your own fitness, perhaps doing some light cardio, just too see if you have what it takes. Not all workouts will ease you in, some may be asking too much of you, and it’s just as important to pick the right DVD, because all these aspects are relevant if you want to achieve good results.