Finding the time to exercise

By | February 19, 2016

One of our many excuses for not exercising is that we simply do not have the time. Exercise does not have to entail fitness classes lasting an hour a week or regular visits to the gym. We can all exercise in our day to day life.

Even simple things like taking the stairs and not the lift, increasing our walking pace to a slow jog or quick walk and riding on a bike to work rather than catching the bus are great ways to exercise without taking up too much additional time.

Even cleaning is great for exercising as often you are having to reach and stretch to get in to the areas you need to. When increasing your exercise level it is advised to do it slowly so as not to overstrain your body.

If you want to take up running then start off with a jog over a short distance for a week or so before increasing the speed or distance that you run.