Using Kettlebells in your workout routine

By | March 24, 2015

Kettlebells have been available in gyms up and down the country for many years, yet many people are afraid to add them to their fitness regime. Whether it is a fear of the unknown, or worry that the kettlebells are difficult to use, this feature should help to dispel some of the myths surrounding these lumps of metal.

Firstly, kettlebells are a fantastic weight loss tool. Beware falling into the trap of believing that by using weights you will “bulk up”. It is highly unlikely that by adding a small amount of resistance work to your routine you will turn into the incredible hulk overnight!

Another great reason to begin using the bells is that they can offer a workout for every single muscle group in your body. They are great for exercising the arms and torso as well as giving the legs and bottom a great workout. Try adding a few simple kettlebell squats and you will soon feel and notice the difference!