Yoga -vs- Pilates

By | June 17, 2014

For anyone that is about to embark on a journey into strengthening and reconditioning ones body, there is often an age old question. This question is “should I do Yoga or Pilates”? Both will focus on the development and physical conditioning of the body predominantly focusing on flexibility balance and core strength.


Yoga is steeped in tradition that span over 5,000 years in its making and development. the rough translation of the term “Yoga” means “to join in or yoke together”. It is a mindful state that blends flexibility of body mind and soul. There is a deeper connection and focus on the spirituality element of conditioning the body. As well as burning calories and toning, practitioners believe that it increases your strength and bodily efficiency on a whole.

Compared to Yoga, Pilates is relatively “young” in its development. It was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates who was a personal trainer. He combined elements of martial arts, breathing and stretching techniques as well as elements of yoga for core balance and strength with less emphasis on the spirituality aspect of training.