Snack Swapping for

By | November 25, 2013

Swapping the snacks you eat throughout the day can significantly help your chances of losing weight. You can swap crisps for popcorn, and sandwiches for sushi. Everyone will have their own favourite snacks, and by replacing them with snacks that contain fewer calories, you can see a significant difference over time.


We don’t mean you have to swap a chocolate bar for an apple, although this is a good swap. But you can perhaps choose a lower calorie chocolate biscuit. Greater changes are made when portion sizes are reduced. So snack swapping alongside cut down meal sizes will work superbly. This on the back of frequent exercise will guarantee excellent weight loss results.

Products such as microwave noodles can be replaced with healthier soups. Of course these are just examples, and there are no rules, well except one – Choose a substitute snack only if it has significantly lower calories.