Drinking water

I think often we forget how important it is to stay hydrated and to drink water. The guidelines state that we should be drinking about 8 pints of water a day but often the majority of us only drink about 3. Drinking tea, coffee and fizzy drinks are not the same as drinking water as… Read More »

Finding time to exercise

We are all guilty of saying that we simply do not have the time to exercise. We get dragged in to our daily routines and struggle to fit in time to go to the gym or join a fitness class in order to stay healthy. When talking about exercise with friends and family, it is… Read More »

visiting the dentist

When many of us think about our health we think about a trip to the doctors, but your health is not just linked to your well being and medical situation, going to the dentist should also be included in our health routine. A routine check up is often only carried out every 12 months just… Read More »

Looking after your health

Looking after your health from a young age can have a massive effect on your wellbeing as you get older. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle in your teens, drink too much, smoke, eat unhealthy meals all the time then you may get away with it but as you get older you may develop problems… Read More »

Finding the time to exercise

One of our many excuses for not exercising is that we simply do not have the time. Exercise does not have to entail fitness classes lasting an hour a week or regular visits to the gym. We can all exercise in our day to day life. Even simple things like taking the stairs and not… Read More »