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Is yoga a good form of exercise?

Some people see yoga as very gentle and having little effect but yoga can be a great form of exercise although it is not aerobic as such, can really help you tone and improve your posture. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental… Read More »

Using a Device to Monitor your Activity

It’s important to monitor your activity and be aware of how much exercise you are fitting into your daily routine. You may even find that you are doing more exercise than you think – something like walking up a flight of stairs can make an overall difference to your activity levels. Keeping track gives you… Read More »

Embarking Upon a New Exercise Plan

Many people decide that the New Year is the time to get fit. If you have decided that 2017 is your year for fitness, that is a very positive first step to take. Here are some things you should do when you first embark upon a new exercise plan: Get a health check. This will… Read More »

Finding time to exercise

We are all guilty of saying that we simply do not have the time to exercise. We get dragged in to our daily routines and struggle to fit in time to go to the gym or join a fitness class in order to stay healthy. When talking about exercise with friends and family, it is… Read More »

Finding the time to exercise

One of our many excuses for not exercising is that we simply do not have the time. Exercise does not have to entail fitness classes lasting an hour a week or regular visits to the gym. We can all exercise in our day to day life. Even simple things like taking the stairs and not… Read More »