Using a Device to Monitor your Activity

By | September 21, 2017

It’s important to monitor your activity and be aware of how much exercise you are fitting into your daily routine. You may even find that you are doing more exercise than you think – something like walking up a flight of stairs can make an overall difference to your activity levels. Keeping track gives you an important insight into your general health and fitness levels.

Choose how you are going to monitor your fitness levels so that you can keep track of them effectively. There are lots of devices you can use, such as your mobile phone or a wristwatch specifically designed to monitor your activity. If you use your mobile phone, all you will need to do is download an app to count your steps or keep track of your gym sessions.

Keep an eye on how many steps you take a day and how many minutes of activity you undertake. This will be a good indication of whether you are getting enough exercise.