Should I take up running?

By | October 26, 2022

Research has shown that taking some form of exercise on a regular basis has many health benefits but finding the exercise routine that you enjoy and that will fit into a sometimes busy lifestyle can be tricky. Some people prefer to attend a fitness class where they can socialise with others whilst improving their fitness level whereas others prefer to go it alone and take up running, it doesn’t really matter what exercise you do as long as you do some.

Walking is a great way to stay fit but unless you walk briskly to great your heart rate up it does not give you the aerobic exercise that we need. Running on the other hand really gets the body working, burning calories and working out the large muscles in the legs. Some people join a running club as running with others can encourage the runner to push themselves further each time but if you prefer to run alone then there are running apps that can be downloaded on a smart phone to structure your running by setting times for running and periods in between for walking. Running to music is a great way to motivate yourself but you will need a good pair of ear buds that will stay in place during the run.